PTBS Private Mentorship Day

For the first time ever we are going to be privately meeting with 1 fitness pro and spending an entire day showing them how to model our success in their own business!

This is unlike any other experience you will ever be offered and here’s why:

(As you’re reading the exclusive mentorship day outline keep in mind you will literally get to see the behind the scenes workings & systems of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” that you can model for your own business!)

Your Questions Answered

* Ever wonder how my studio can do over 763 sessions A MONTH in just 500 ft of fitness floor?

You’ll leave knowing how you can do it too.

* Interested in completing a full day’s work/pay before 9am?

I’ll show you how to maximize your client sessions, timing, and transitions so that you can make way more money in less time & expand less energy…

* Want to find out how we train our studio, small group, in-home, and corporate clients to get head turning results that create massive referrals for us?

My team and I will give you our client program design templates!

* What if I could should you how we easily get a brand new fitness pros who join our studio team to complete over 120 sessions a month in 90-120 days – Would that help you and your business grow?

If so, I’ll open the doors to how I do my low cost guerilla marketing and referral based tactics. (These are exclusive strategies that few people in the world even know about and you’re going to get my exact referral email templates and marketing action plans)

* And of course, after I show you how to bring in unlimited traffic & clients to your studio, I will then hand you over to Coach JC, the manager at our studio, who will show you how we close basically 100% of our complimentary new client sessions.

This is where we really shine since every client that walks through our door signs up for some type of program. After meeting with Coach JC and doing some role playing you will dramtically see you client sign-ups increase for life – All of these tips are worth the small investment to come meet with us, but this one truly steals the show in terms of lifetime-lasting value.

* There’s literally so much we will cover in this private Mentorship Day that you will leave with a notebook full of money-making, business-building ideas! Plus, I didn’t even touch on the strategies I ONLY reveal to my private coaching clients, which you will receive as one of our exclusive VIP Mentorship clients…


How to Have Your Best Year Yet

Did I mention we’re also going to delve into your business, open it up, and find out where your leaks are, where you’re wasting time, and where you need to maximize your efforts. From there we’ll rebuild your business with a firm growth plan designed to allow you to reach your new 3, 6, and 12 month goals.

And, if you don’t concretely know what your exact goals are that’s not an issue, since Coach JC and I specialize in bringing out the best in our clients and infusing in them the belief that anything is possible with the right road map and mindset.

I personally guarantee you will double your investment. If you just follow the simple steps we outline for you it will be impossible for you not to have YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

I mean that too..

This exclusive PTBS Mentorship Day is not a big revenue stream or even part of our business plan. The only reason we’re doing it is that we know so many people have been asking for it and need a boost in their business.

Fitness pros all over the world want to ensure they can make this a lucrative career while helping people get results. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show you how to do.


Go Behind the Scenes

In the PTBS Mentorship Day you’ll not only learn the inner-working and systems from the “Most Profitable Studio in the World,” but you’ll leave with a definitive plan on how you can skyrocket your business by just plugging in a model you’ve already seen be successful.

(Please read my post on this personal training business strategy if you haven’t done so.)

Well, I don’t really feel like I need to keep promoting the benefits of this Exclusive Mentorship Day because it’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and it’s something I wish I had when I was starting out and having to figure out everything on my own.

I understand what it’s like to waste time, money, and energy on business ideas that never seem to go anywhere…

I swear I could have gotten to the point where I am now in less than half the time if I only had someone to teach me and provide me with a proven model.

I’m here to put an end to your struggles and questions and show you exactly what works. I’ll answer every one of your questions and even explain how I’ve gotten my book deals, video shoots, commissioned writing assignments, and the inside scoop on the heavy hitters like MTV, Men’s Health, Maxim magazine, NutrtitionData, SELF, and dozens more…

Thinking about designing an online business to compliment your training business? I’ve got you covered – I’ll show you how I still train 30 sessions a week and run multiple 6-figure online businesses.

And yes, you do NOT have to give up doing what you love to sell fitness products online. I’m one of the few fitness pros that pulls this off and I’ll tell you how to juggle both businesses for maximum return without working 80 hours a week.


My Promise to You & the Industry

As I said, I’m doing this because I always said that if I become successful I will mentor others and give back…

Unfortunately, when I was coming up as a CPT I didn’t have a mentor to show me how to build a training business and that’s why I made a deal with the world that if it showed me the way I promised to show others the way as well.

The great thing is that other fitness pros have been asking me for this for years, but realistically I’ve been so focused on studio clients and my Smart Studio Systems Members that I haven’t had the time to design this Exclusive Mentorship Day for maximum productivity for those coming to learn at our Boston Studio.

Well the day is finally here and with the help and talent of Coach JC we will be offering 2 Mentorship Days per month for serious fitness professionals who want to shadow us and see how we train our clients and build our business.

It will be on a first come first served basis and there will be a waiting list for up to 3-4 months. That means we will close off this program after 6-8 people sign up and will only open it when new spots become available.

I have no doubt we will sell out of available spaces quickly so please do not hesitate if this seems like a good fit for you. (The reason I say that is because I always get emails asking me to please make an exception for one reason or another, and unfortunately I we will be booked solid and not able to let anyone else in.)

This is how the Private Mentorship Day will be laid out with total customization available depending on the mentee’s goals:


Private Mentorship Day Intinerary:


9:00am-10:00am: Studio Tour & Observing Sessions

Meet me, Coach Cabral, at my studio and go tour the facility, as well as watch how we train up to 4 clients at one time in the studio. You’ll be able to see how I lay everything out for maximum client utilization and why I chose certain pieces of equipment over others.

I also show you my absolute favorite piece of equipment and how it has separated my studio from every other in Boston!

You will even be given an equipment list of everything we own in the studio. Plus, I will give you my contacts and a way to save thousands of dollars on equipment purchasing!


10:00am-11:45am: Walk Boston and See Corporate Training

We will leave the studio to walk about 10 minutes to one of our Corporate client training facilities. Along the way I will be showing you Boston and answering some of your initial questions. I will also be talking with you privately about our local marketing strategies.

Once we’re at the facility you will watch how we train clients for maximum results and retention. Our average client stays with us for well over a year and I’ve been training most of my clients for over 6 years!

(This part of the day can also be customized if you are more interested in business systems rather than seeing additional training session implementation.)

BONUS: You will leave with templates of our client program designs to help improve your client results, sell more packages, and retain clients to a much higher degree.


11:45am-1:00pm: Small Group or In-Home Coaching Session




Next, you’ll leave the corporate client facility and meeting Coach JC to train at a another corporate group bootcamp/small group facility.

Coach JC will even allow you to co-teach this class if you’re interested!

You may also have an opportunity to shadow an in-home session instead.

BONUS: You will get to take home the template for this group workout to use with your current or new group sessions.


1:00pm-2:30pm: Private Lunch & Business Plan Strategizing

This is the relaxing and fun part since you be having a private lunch with me where you have 90 minutes to ask me everything and anything you have ever wanted to know about business, training, writing, book publishing, video shoots, fitness modeling, online products, or anything else you have planned for your dreams and goals. Remember, I sold over 1 million dollars in personal training by the time I was 29 and I have no doubt I can help you at least double the business you’re doing now. You will leave this powerful private lunch with a true business growth plan with at least a dozen easy to implement strategies to add THOUSANDS of dollars to your monthly fitness business – Guaranteed.

BONUS: Join me for lunch at one of my favorite spots in Boston and I’ll give you more tips than you can handle on how to grow your business!


2:30pm-4:30pm: Master’s Session on Converting Clients

Now it’s time to meet with the master of “soft selling” and that would be Coach JC. He will teach and show you in our studio step-by-step how we close everybody who walks through our studio door.

We’ll show you how to easily and effectively sell small group, 1-on-1, bootcamp, or any other type of training you do. But remember, we love our clients and love what we do so the money is only secondary… And that’s a piece of why we are so successful.

Coach JC will show you how to convey what you are best at in order to win clients over your competition. There are 7 unique steps to our comp sessions and we will make sure you master each powerful step in order before you leave.

BONUS: We will actually give you the exact forms you need for your business and a copy of our new client starter welcome packet that you can model!


4:30pm-5:00pm: Finishing Touches

You will finish your day with some final Q&A. Throughout the day you’ll have opened your eyes to so many new ways and possibilities of making money, doing business, and training clients and because of that you may have new questions that you never knew about… So now will be the time to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned and answer any final questions.

BONUS: You’ll leave the day with a definitive action plan of how you will at least DOUBLE your investment and dramatically increase your business growth!

It’s an action packed day with a little taste of everything in order for you to see the possibilities of what you have ahead for yourself. Plus, this entire mentorship day is customizable depending on your goals. We will help you customize it after we speak with you by phone.

(For example if you are more into building your online business I will show you how to set everything up to save yourself months of headaches and tedious work of trial and error.)

Pricing this Exclusive Mentorship Day was a little tricky…

I charge $500 an hour for business coaching because I guarantee each coaching session to at least double the investment, so obviously it’s worth every penny.

(Who wouldn’t trade $500 for $1,000+ every hour of the week?)

However, I knew that $4,000 for the 8 hour mentorship day ($500 x 8 hrs) would be more than many deserving fitness professionals could afford. To me I couldn’t justify charging that amount even though I know in my heart anyone who comes to my studio will easily add $8,000 to their business after implementing what Coach JC and I teach them.

The reason I couldn’t justify the $4,000 price tag was that I made that promise to myself, the world, and the industry that I love, that I would give back if I ever became successful…

And now that I was voted “2011 PFP Personal Trainer of the Year” and also owner what’s referred to as “The Most Proftable Studio in the World” doing over $60,000+ a month on 500 ft of fitness studio floor space I feel it’s time to give back in a major way…

So, what I’m going to do for an extremely limited time is offer 2 fitness professionals a month the opportunity to come to my studio for a full Mentorship Day with all the Bonuses at 50% OFF my everyday coaching fee.

That means your investment is just 2 easy payments of $997.

Another Very BIG BONUS

This is literally the best deal you’re ever going to see and to make sure you come out on top I’m even going to add in another 2 phone coaching calls!

One call before we meet so that I know exactly where you’re at now in your business and how I can best strategize to help you grow.

And, a 2nd call about a week after your Private Mentorship Day so that I don’t leave you hanging with any additional questions you may have come up with when you go home and begin implementing your new 6 and 7 figure business plans and ideas. (I hope I am clearly demonstrating that customer service and over delivering is crucial and what I believe every great business should be doing.)

These exclusive calls are an extra $500 in coaching for FREE!

(You can thank us by CRUSHING IT in your business after utilizing the systems and strategies we detail for you in your business and writing us back with a killer success story…)

Well, that’s all I can share with you about this Exclusive Mentorship Day (we’ll fill you in the “secret” lessons we’ll be sharing with you after you’ve been accepted) but feel free to email us with any questions at

Just remember that it’s first come first serve and we only accept 2 fitness professionals per month. Once 6-8 people have signed up the program will be sold out until further notice.

(*Please note that not everyone will be accepted and we apologize if you were denied (if you sign up below and you are denied we will refund your payment within 24-48 hours and explain the reason for you not being accepted.)

If you’re truly serious about having your best year yet this really is the best thing you could possibly do for your business and it’s the kind of rare opportunity you don’t want to miss out on…

I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it and know it to be true.


Double Your Investment Guarantee

I’m a man of my word and just like I guarantee my studio client’s success I guarantee yours as well. If you don’t at least DOUBLE your investment I will refund every penny you sent me.

It doesn’t get any better fairer, or risk-free on your end.

And with only 2 spots open per month I highly recommend signing up today.

I hope to see you in Boston at my studio soon and I wish you all the best in building the type of career and business you can be proud of!


Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Author, writer & recipient of the 2011 PFP Personal Trainer of the Year Award
Founder of Personal Training Business School



(No P.S., fancy buttons, or anything flashy except a 2 links below guaranting your growth as a fitness professional who is taking the next step in their development)


(Program not available until May 18th, 2011)

> Click here to reserve your Private Mentorship Day with just 2 easy payments of $997 <

(The 2 payments are 30-days apart, but you will be able to reserve your Mentorship Day this week)

> Click here to pay in full with 1 payment of $1,994 <

(This option allows you to only make one payment and you can come in within the next 4 week for your Mentorship Day if you choose to)

(*After you sign up you will receive an email within 24 hours letting you know the days of availability over the next 3-4 months. You will then be able to choose which one works best)


Frequently Asked Questions:


“What day will I be coming?

Typically it’s a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, but a Monday may work occasionally.


“Can I bring a business partner?

We would love for you to bring a guest, but that is impossible since our studio is small and we want the studio to first and foremost be about the clients. It’s their studio so we need to make sure we are out of their way and just observing. For this reason only 1 partner can come, but you may bring a business partner that you have a signed LLC or LLP with to lunch. This must be approved ahead of time.


“Can I email you with my business website and some of our marketing?

Yes, before you come I highly recommend sending over your business goals, ideas, growth plans, marketing, etc. so that we have a better idea of where you are coming from.


“I’m hesitant, am I right for this Private Mentorship Day?”

You do not need to have everything figured out in your business to come meet with us. That’s a big part of what we do – we help you figure out a plan of action for maximum growth and time management! However, if you don’t think you’ll actually implement what we teach you there’s really no point in wasting anyone’s time or money. We only want serious applicants since we can only accept 2 fitness pros per month. We can truthfully say, though, that after you leave you will most likely be amazed at your new outlook and happy you made the decision to meet with us for the day. Many of our coaching clients have called it a “turning point” in their career – we believe it will be the same experience for you.


“Why are you offering a 50% discount?”

Good question! Kidding, we really don’t want your money – we care a lot about this industry and its reputation and we want you to be successful. For this reason we wanted to make this exclusive opportunity available to all fitness professionals. However, I’ve learned a long time ago that unless there is money on the line or some type of “skin in the game” very few people will use what they learned. That’s why we are charging half of what we normally do.


“Is there any other way I can do coaching with you?”

There is actually no other way to see my studio since it is by appointment only with local clients. If you show up we will not meet with you… not because we don’t love you, but because we are working with clients and are days are scheduled to the minute. Also, since my schedule is completely booked up I no longer offer phone coaching. The only other option is to become a Smart Studio Systems Member, but even that is currently sold out. So after writing this I guess the answer would be No… sorry.


“Can I fly in and out the same day or should I stay overnight?”

I work with coaching clients from literally all over the world and many have come from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and other countries to learn my exclusive personal training business strategies. Sometimes they like to spend some time in Boston (especially during the warmer months!), while other times it’s strictly business. If you’re within 3 hours travel time to Boston you can easily fly/drive in that morning and fly/drive our that night (our day starts at 9:00am and goes until 5:00pm). Personally, I would stay over the night before at a local hotel and then walk over to the studio the next morning. You’ll be more rested that way and then you can leave that evening after we finish. You won’t be able to sleep anyway since you’ll have plenty to think about on your flight or drive home! Of course, your travel plans and finances are your choice and you should do as you wish.


What other bonuses are you offering?

There’s actually a lot more we can’t reveal since it’s what gives us a competitive advantage over our competition and allows us to maintain our title as “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.” However, without mentioning any specific marketing strategies we can tell you that we’ll provide you with as much information as you can handle and want. That means if you want a list of books we recommend, particular vendors for discounts, supplement retailers, marketing suppliers, printing houses, etc. we will provide them for you. Basically, you’re going to get a Million Dollar Personal Training Business education in a day… if that sounds fun and it’s the right fit for you just click either of the links below and we’ll hopefully be talking with you soon!


(Program not available until May 18th, 2011)

> Click here to reserve your Private Mentorship Day with just 2 easy payments of $997 <

(The 2 payments are 30-days apart, but you will be able to reserve your Mentorship Day this week)

> Click here to pay in full <

(This option allows you to only make one payment and you can come in within the next 4 week for your Mentorship Day if you choose to)


(*After you sign up you will receive an email within 24 hours letting you know the days of availability over the next 3-4 months. You will then be able to choose which one works best)

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